The Venus Factor Book Free

Summary: The venus factor system is one of the best weight loss program for women we've reviewed in a long while. The program makes sense, the diet plan is fantastic. It has a few flaws but we love it here at Health Ambition. Let’s say you weigh 180 pounds with a 30% body composition. That means that your lean body mass is just 127 pounds. If your goal is to work your way down to a low body composition, you want to eat fewer calories in order to lose weight. However, as you shed the pounds of fat, your lean body mass stays the same. In fact, if you’re working out, it should actually increase as you build more muscle. According to the Reverse Taper Diet, as you lose weight, you should eat more. Our Final Venus Factor Review The program is designed with women in mind, and it’s definitely tailored to the unique needs of women and their diets/exercise programs. It has a lot of very valuable information, and readers will find that it does offer a complete program to lose weight and work towards the shape that they really want. Here’s what we like and dislike about the Venus Factor system:


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